Caixa Drum (Snare Drum)

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The Caixa (pronounced “Kai-sha”) is a popular Samba Drum that is very similar to the well-known Snare Drum. The LTL Drums Caixa comes in black as standard and is a double-headed drum with a snare wire that spans the bottom skin. This gives you that familiar Snare Drum sound.

The Caixa is played with traditional drum sticks and delivers a focussed, tight, snare tone.

Please see the video below for use within a traditional drum setup.

Item Specifications:

  • 12″ Aluminium Shell
  • 6 point tension rods.
  • An LTL Nylon Head on the top & bottom for a shimmering snare sound!
  • Great Sound Projection & a brilliant tight ‘Whack’ with no dampening or altering needed
  • Dazzling Chrome Metal Work
  • Easy to play
  • Can be used as a Drum Kit Snare Drum (no throw off included)

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